• Christina Glytsou
  • Christina Glytsou
  • Assistant Professor
  • Department: Department of Chemical Biology and Department of Pediatrics
  • Program(s): Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate Program
  • Major Research Interest(s): Cell Biology
  • Research Organisims: Cell lines
  • Rotating Faculty
  • Phone: 1.8484454095
  • Susan Lehman Cullman Laboratory for Cancer Research
  • Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
  • 164 Frelinghuysen Rd, Room 115
  • Piscataway, NJ 08854
  • Key Words: Leukemia, Blood Cancers, Mitochondria, Drug Resistance
  • Lab Site URL

Dr. Christina Glytsou holds a dual appointment, in the Department of Chemical Biology of Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy and in the Department of Pediatrics of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of Rutgers University. She is also a member of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Dr. Glytsou laboratory uses a combination of a state-of-the-art approaches and techniques to elucidate the significance of cellular processes and understand how they are dysregulated in cancer with the goal to improve patient outcomes.

Research in Dr. Glytsou laboratory focuses on addressing fundamental questions on mitochondrial dynamics and biology, while exploring the role of mitochondria in hematologic malignancies progression and relapse and applying this knowledge in translational research.