• Valerie Tutwiler
  • Valerie Tutwiler
  • Assistant Professor
  • Department: Department of Biochemical Engineering
  • Phone: 1.8484456687
  • Rutgers University
  • 599 Taylor Road
  • Piscataway, NJ 08855
  • Key Words: Hemostasis/Thrombosis, Biomechanics, Fibrin, Inflammation, Trauma Induced Coagulopathy
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Collectively, bleeding and thrombosis are leading causes of death among the elderly (heart attacks and stroke) and the young (traumatic hemorrhage). My goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of coagulation that tips the scale away from the much-needed hemostasis and towards the deleterious bleeding and thrombosis. If a “bad” blood clot can be understood, then the development of therapeutics to engineer stable blood clots becomes realistic and achievable. Our research combines medicine, engineering, computational and structural biology to make novel advancements in understanding bleeding and thrombosis.